Saturday, May 15, 2010

Greenpoint Business Association Challenge

So Phil DeVito of DeVito Paint & Wallcovering has thrown down the gauntlet, and challenged the GBA to get 200+ business on board all about it in this weeks Greenpoint Gazette

Even Phil himself, and Steve from Steve's Meat Market have been chatting up the benefits of the GBA with their Nassau Avenue business neighbors and bringing folks on board!

Thanks to all the GBA supporting businesses (see our side bar on the blog) for all reaching out to your neighbors and helping to meet the challenge.  40+ business brought on from May 6th - May 9th, and only 150 to go!

With the great support of all of you, and North Brooklyn Development Corporation you can create a great GBA!  See About the GBA to learn about services and how to join.  Contact us at 718-389-9044 ext 15 or email

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