Friday, May 28, 2010

Eat Donuts!

Peter Pan donuts has been a Greenpoint Business for over 60 years, with Donna Siafakas as the owner for the last 17 years.  We can find Donna up at 4:30AM making donuts everyday with her baker until 1:00PM.  In the afternoons before leaving she chats with the many customers at the counter who frequent Peter Pan as regulars.   From the Greenpoint folks who have been the foundation of the community to the new generation - donuts are good! Tina Fey, joined by the models from Armani, J. Crew and Calvin Klein, often stops in for a snack.

Donna and her husband met at a bakery when they were young, and it was the inspiration to purchase Peter Pan...Donna was a counter girl and her husband the baker.

Donna has joined the GBA, and while at first skeptical, she believes the GBA will help both her business and the broader Greenpoint community.  Thanks Peter Pan!

by WNYC Radio

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