Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minutes from the General Membership Meeting on April 18

  • Beth Lewand (Eastern District) who is leading this project was unfortunately unable to attend however sent an update. The website, which will evolve from the current blog, is due to be launched in June.
  • All members can list their businesses and should send their business descriptions to if not already done.
  • The magazine is on track to be published at the end of June.
  • All members are entitled to a free standard size ad - for an additional fee, upgrades to half/full pages is being considered.
  • We are considering opening up advertising space to non-members for a premium fee.
  • The timing of the magazine launch will coincide with the membership renewal timeline.
Neighborhood Clean-Up:
  • Timing for neighborhood clean-up event is slated for June - June 5th; rain date of  June 12th 
  • Eric Hall (RedStar) will coordinate with Automotive High School football team who will help out the day of the event.
  • We need GBA members to volunteer to own and lead a zone/block within the clean-up area.
  • Discussions are ongoing regarding whether to open this up to the wider community or not - key considerations are the ability to manage a large group of people and also ensuring adequate supplies (trash bags etc).
  • Gina Zayas (Zayas Appliance) will contact Action Environmental to ask if they will assist by providing dumpsters/waste disposal.
  • A proposal to get T-Shirts with GBA logo on the front and the logo of Action Environmental, or any other business providing significant sponsorship on the front, is being reviewed.
Future Projects/Initiatives:
  • SBS grant requires that the GBA completes the fiscal year by surveying members for feedback on existing activities and ideas for future projects. Ed Veneziano (Cato’s Army & Navy) is working on the draft survey.
  • Key projects on which feedback will be requested include the, the GBA Blog, Last Saturdays of Summer, Holiday Guide, Holiday Lights and fundraisers as well as upcoming website and magazine.
  • GBA is considering the most effective means to launch a membership drive.
  • Lily Peachin (Dandelion Wine) asked about plans for a street fair - this is subject to confirmation of the GBA’s 501c3 status. Following that it takes 60 days to file for a permit. Therefore, timing for any street fair would be fall onwards.
  • The GBA will be incorporated ahead of receiving 501c3 status as additional due diligence is necessary to confirm that the GBA meets the IRS non-profit designation.  
  • Lily agreed to think about ideas for potential events with a focus on increasing membership and fundraising.
Focus for Next Steering Committee (May 5th):
  • Membership drive - all membership expires June 30th.
  • Survey of past year's activities
  • Discussion on preliminary agenda for new fiscal year
  • Neighborhood clean-up

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