Friday, March 25, 2011

A Note on the Proposed Brooklyn Night Bazaar

A number of people have inquired about the GBA's position regarding this proposed event.

We are in the process of informally polling our members and getting feedback from our neighbors in an effort to better understand everyone's feelings and concerns, as well as gauge support and interest.  This event has the potential to significantly impact our businesses and our neighborhood.  We'd like to make sure that we cover all the bases and make an informed, educated and socially responsible decision.

Just to be clear, the GBA doesn't have an opinion on this project – we're at an evaluation stage.  The GBA represents 86 businesses, our members, and at this point, we have no idea what their position is on this project.  We're meeting on Monday the 28th and this project is on the agenda.  Once we come to a unified decision, we will share that publicly.

All members of the community are invited and welcome to the meeting on Monday, March 28, at 7:30 PM at Red Star, at the corner of Greenpoint and West.

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